Sponsoring a child with World Vision is one of the best ways to give children better lives and futures.

As a child sponsor with World Vision, you’ll get:

A welcome pack containing your sponsored child’s photo and personal details, as well as information about your sponsored child’s community (You will receive an e-copy within 9 days and a hard copy within 21 days of your child sponsorship commencement).

Access to My World Vision portal, where you can view photo and video updates about your child sponsorship and update your personal details.

An Introductory Letter from your sponsored child from where he/she lives within 3 months of your child sponsorship commencement.

A Yearly Greeting Card (From November to February) from your sponsored child. 

*If you started sponsoring your child on or after 31 August this year, you will not receive a greeting card from your sponsored child for this year.

An Annual Progress Report (between September to November) with updates on your child’s progress, accompanied by a current photograph of him/her.

*If you started sponsoring your child on or after 30 April this year, you will not receive an Annual Progress Report (APR) of your sponsored child for this year.

To build an enriching friendship with your sponsored child by writing letters, sending small gifts, and participating in sponsors’ visits (Group/Individual).

Vision Newsletters with local and international news on World Vision.

An Annual Review which contains summaries of the work being done in all the projects that we support.