Stories of Change

We interacted really well with the children; the most poignant moment for me was when a child asked me if Malaysia was far away. And then he asked if I’d consider staying back to keep him company. While he spoke, he was even leaning on me. 
Rachel Ng, Child Sponsor
Rachel Ng during her Mongolia visit.
My parents said sponsoring children makes them a little happier. And I said, 'Ya, I can contribute my pocket money. 
Caleb Yong, Age 16, Malaysia
Her dream is to be a nurse, I am so proud of her. 
Jaren Chia, Child Sponsor
Jaren Chia\'s Testimonial
Through this trip and meeting my sponsored child, I realised that just RM65 could help the entire community so much. 
Peter Chon, Child Sponsor
It was hard to say goodbye. I will be back to visit her again, and I hope she will be successful in whatever she does. 
Ninian Tian, Child Sponsor
I hope more children in Malaysia will get to know the children in other countries, especially those in need. 
Crystal Lee, Age 11, Malaysia
Crystal Lee\'s Testimonial
All it takes is one person willing to journey with a child in order to bring lasting change. I started sponsoring Khan in 2012, and I know as much as my contribution has impacted him and his community, he, too has impacted me. Child Sponsorship works! 
Winnie Law, Child Sponsor
He picked a stone and threw it up the tree. When a mango dropped, he gave it to me. We’d just met and he shared what he had.  
Lee Chong Han, Age 14, Malaysia
Lee Chong Han & Bulande\'s Testimonial

To ensure the health of our child sponsors and supporters, we’ve retooled our in-person events for the digital age. Weekends with World Vision is going online via Zoom and we’re inviting YOU to join us!

Weekends with World Vision is the perfect opportunity for World Vision child sponsors and supporters to learn more about World Vision’s work – such as our Child Sponsorship Programme – and the life-changing impact it is making in the lives of vulnerable children and communities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Past Sponsors Unite!
01 December 2019
RUANG Subang Jaya
15 June 2019
R & F Sales Gallery,
Johor Bahru
24 March 2019
Sky Hotel,
Kota Kinabalu.
20 May 2018
21 January 2018
Global Business & Convention Centre,
Petaling Jaya
06 August 2017
The Majestic Hotel,
Kuala Lumpur
Sponsors Gathering

World Vision Malaysia encourage sponsors to organize their own gatherings and activities with the purpose to promote good deeds and to raise funds for the child sponsorship program, education and other projects. Here are some of the sponsors gatherings that we organized.