World Vision focuses on children, working alongside communities to build lasting change. We work with community groups and the children so that they:
May enjoy good health
Are educated for life
Are cared for and protected
Participate in decisions that affect their lives
Experience the love of God and their neighbours
World Vision adopts a holistic approach, partnering with communities to create long lasting change. When you sponsor a child, your monthly contributions of RM65 (Asian countries) or RM80 (Non-Asian countries) are pooled together with sponsors of that specific Area Development Programme so that the entire community can access life’s basic necessities – Clean Water & Sanitation, Health & Nutrition, Education, Livelihood and Child Protection. Through Child Sponsorship, World Vision provides the ways and means for a child’s community to break free from poverty and enjoy a brighter future.


Clean Water & Sanitation

World Vision works to provide clean water in the communities we work in. We also raise awareness on hygiene and sanitation while empowering communities to run and maintain their water and sanitation facilities.

Health & Nutrition

World Vision ensures child and maternal health by promoting health and nutrition practices, improving health services and preventing major causes of disease.


World Vision helps to address barriers to education and works with communities and local governments to improve the quality of education children receive.


World Vision equips families with skills and tools to boost their income and support their families, such as improving agriculture and business skills, and increasing access to financial services.

Child Protection

World Vision is concerned with child well-being. We equip communities to protect and advocate for children, raise awareness on child rights, and ensure that children have a voice and role in their communities.


Planning (about 2 years):
Building Trust and Laying Groundwork

  • Building trust and planning with the community.
  • Addressing the urgent needs of children.
Year 1 - 5

Phase 1:
Building Partnerships and Skills

  • Project work and community mobilisation begins.
  • Local people gain skills to lead their own development.
Year 6 - 10

Phase 2:
Building Confidence for the Present

  • Momentum builds on initial successes.
  • Increased community ownership.
  • The lives of children improve.
Year 11 - Project Close

Phase 3:
Building Hope for the Future

  • Community takes the lead in development.
  • Children and their families are self-reliant.
  • Capacity enhanced and confidence built.